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Statewide Telework (Telecommuting)

Use the link below to access the GovOps statewide telework website, which contains guidance, tools, and links to CalHR training. Also included is a section about Emergency Telework and managing the remote work environment.

The new Statewide Telework Policy will be added to the GovOps statewide telework website along with additional policy-related guidance, tools and training.

State of California
Telework P

It is the policy of the state of California to encourage the use of teleworking as a management work option.  

Chapter 1389 Statutes of 1990 (AB 2963 – Klehs), adding Sections 14200-14203 to the California Government Code, authorized state agencies, boards, and commissions (agencies) to establish telework programs as an element of transportation management programs.

As practiced today, appropriately planned and managed telework is a viable work option that can benefit managers, employees, and customers of the state of California.

State Agency

Legal Statute directs state agencies to review their work operations and establish telework programs in work areas where they have identified telework as both practical and beneficial. State agencies participating in the State's telework program are responsible for establishing their own specific program policies and procedures.  Telework must be tailored to the particular environment in which it will operate.

Agency programs differ, so their telework programs may also differ. These differences include:

  • The nature of the services the agency provides to the public and others.
  • The geographic dispersion of the agency.
  • The level of decentralization of agency management.

Note: Those agencies that have ongoing, but informal, telework programs are encouraged to formalize those programs.

Telework Programs

To assist state agencies in creating formal telework programs, the State has created a model program template called the Telework Program Policy and Procedures (2010 Statewide Telework Model Program) that agencies are encouraged to use. Each agency is responsible for managing and operating its telework program.

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